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Employee Giving Champions 

Testimonial-Quote-Rodrigues-Barbara-2.17.2021reducedChampion Name: Barbara Rodrigues
Department: Rehabilitation Therapy
Position: Acute Care Inpatient Therapy Manager
Years at Dominican: 26

What do you choose to support at Dominican Hospital through employee giving and why?

I generally don’t specify my giving. I admire and support the way in which the Foundation projects align with our mission and values. I’ve seen the support of excellence through innovative technology purchases; compassion through the network of healing gardens for patients, family and staff; and inclusion with purchases that enhance personal dignity for very vulnerable patients. These are the reasons I give.

When did you start participating in employee giving at Dominican Hospital and what was it that motivated you to give?

Giving started for me when I worked at the Behavioral Health Unit; the foundation generously offered funds for clothing or footwear for our patients with the greatest needs. I was so appreciative of that service; I wanted to be part of the giving.

What does gratitude mean to you? Does it play a role in why you give?

I’m thinking of a particular patient that was in the hospital with a degenerative disease; her family was not going to be able to take her home. Members of the therapy team worked with the patient, vendors, and then the foundation to acquire a very specific and specialized chair for her that would allow her to be upright and out of bed. She was able to safely engage outside of her room again and ultimately outside of the hospital. I am so grateful that I work for an organization that has a foundation that can make this level of impact for someone in our community; that one person’s needs are important enough.

What’s your fondest memory of working at Dominican?

My fondest memory of Dominican is not a work memory but of the day after my daughter was born. Being able to focus on my daughter and know that I was surrounded by people who offered so much nurturing and support was an incredible gift.

What’s one fun fact others might not know about you?

I like to try new recipes; the kitchen is a place where I best accept failure and can laugh about it.

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