The partnerships facilitated by the Foundation with community members, businesses, and other foundations has allowed for increased support to the Hospital in multiple areas. Here are a few of the recent areas of increased support.

Stepping Stones Campaign

Guided by the community’s health care needs, Dominican Hospital is undertaking four significant initiatives. Each will enhance the essential components of the care we provide. These vital investments represent our next steps forward in a never-ending journey toward unsurpassed quality. Please click here to view the case statement.

Cardiac Care

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for residents of Santa Cruz County. In fact, 40% of all heart attacks are fatal. Early medical intervention is key to surviving a heart attack. Statistics show that patients who get to the emergency room within one hour of the onset of symptoms have a greater chance of survival. Learn more about our new Comprehensive Cardiac Operating Suite.

Acute Rehabilitation Care

Patients requiring acute rehabilitation services have highly complex needs. Stroke victims, patients with traumatic brain or spinal cord injuries, and those who are recovering from other neurologic surgeries need the expert care of specialized professionals. Our Acute Rehabilitation Center is the most distinguished acute rehab program on the central coast and has been going strong for over 20 years. Dominican Hospital is the only certified Primary Stroke Center on the Central Coast.

Mary and Richard Solari Cancer Center

Location of the Infusion Center and the Bennett & Suzy Katz Cancer Resource Center offers patients and their families the medical, physical and emotional support they need when facing cancer. These services include one-on-one counseling sessions, wig and head covering seminars, lectures, workshops, and referrals free of cost. Nurse Navigator services are also available free of charge to help with the complicated process of navigation through treatment management. 

Healing Courtyards

The Healing Courtyards, is an important project that will leave a lasting effect on Dominican Hospital and our community. From patients and family members, to employees and physicians, all will benefit from these spaces. Over 60 scientific studies show that interaction with nature reduces pain and stress and boosts immune systems. Research based studies with actual patients showed that access to a garden can speed up healing from surgery and infections and reduce the need for pain medication, resulting in fewer post-surgical complications and less hospital time.

Health Equity

  • Mobile Wellness Clinic
  • Katz Cancer Resource Center
  • Medically-Integrated Wellness Center
  • Homeless Services