Jon E. Nadherny/Calciano Symposium

18 Years of Serving the Community

In October, 1995 Jon Ervin Nadherny took his life. He was 23 years old, an experienced backpacker and an Eagle Scout who enjoyed mountain climbing and down-slope skiing. Devastated, his family decided to take action to help address issues pertaining to adolescent mental health by holding an annual educational symposium.

Dr. Anthony Calciano was one of the first cardiologists in Santa Cruz and just recently retired after 50+ years of practicing with Dominican Hospital. Along with his wife, Linda Calciano, and their family, the Jon E. Nadherny/Calciano Memorial Endowment Fund was established to support the symposium. 

“It was a very difficult time for our family. If in all these years of hard work, we prevented another family from having this experience, I am content,” says Linda Calciano, Jon’s mother, key founder of the symposium, and a member of Dominican Hospital Foundation Board.

“The Symposium is an event organized by a volunteer advisory board and sponsored by private donations as well as earnings from an endowment formed by the Calciano family and their supporters. Many of our speakers donate their time. It truly is a community event,” says George Jarrow, Symposium Director and Director of Behavioral & Health Services at Dominican Hospital.

Topics for past symposiums included  substance abuse, autism and aspergers disorders, transgender issues, eating disorders, and mood disorders, among others. Thanks to the generosity of the Calciano family and other community members who donate to the Endowment, the cost of attending the symposium is minimal. Learn more here.