About Us

The Dominican Hospital Foundation is honored to support the award-winning work of Dominican Hospital through philanthropic contributions from members of the community and local businesses.

With your support, we are changing and saving lives every day.

Foundation support has touched every one of the hospital's patient care departments and in doing so has impacted the care each one of the Dominican Hospital's patients receive every day.

Over 1,700 donors help us each year to acquire new technology, develop community services, help patients in need and construct facilities that enable us to provide the highest quality care.

Every private donation raised locally, stays local and is tax-deductible with 100% to benefit the area of choice.

Thank you for your interest and visiting our website.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call at (831) 462-7712.

Letter to the Community

Dear members of our community,

As usual, spring is a time of great energy at the Hospital and in the Foundation. Planning is moving forward on the major Hospital Expansion project and you will begin hearing more about that in our next issue. The hospital is full most of the time and everyone is working hard on our patient experience. All hospital employees have been attending HRO (High Reliability Organization) training to ensure the safest possible environment for patient care.

It’s a time of change for me as I transfer the leadership of the Foundation to Jared Bogaard, Executive Vice President of Bogard Construction and long-time Foundation board member as well as former Holidays d’Eleganz Chair. Coming into the position with great enthusiasm, I am sure that Jared will leave a strong legacy of increased support to the hospital.I will remain in the position of past president for the next two years so will still be very involved. Additionally, I was honored to be asked to join the Hospital Community Board, a position I gladly accepted.

We continue to put your funds to good use for the community. In our Focus on Wellness articles you may read about the improved lung care with the new tumor biopsy equipment provided by the Foundation and our efforts to improve patient care in our cancer center. New Wellness classes have been added and we encourage you to peruse the PEP classes listed in the back half of the magazine. And we are actively beginning construction of our third Healing Courtyard project with two new gardens: Nello and Pamela Santacroce Meditation Garden and the Dr. Joseph T. Anzalone Family and Newborn Care Garden.Stay well and have a terrific summer!

As always, your support is deeply appreciated,

With appreciation,

Carol Lezin, President of Dominican Hospital Foundation

Dr. Nanette Mickiewicz, President of Dominican Hospital

 Carol Lezin