About the Healing Courtyards Initiative

The Healing Courtyards, is an important project that will leave a lasting effect on Dominican Hospital and our community. From patients and family members, to employees and physicians, all will benefit from these spaces.

Over 60 scientific studies show that interaction with nature reduces pain and stress and boosts immune systems. Research based studies with actual patients showed that access to a garden can speed up healing from surgery and infections and reduce the need for pain medication, resulting in fewer post-surgical complications and less hospital time.Click HERE to learn about the scientific studies related to Healing Courtyards in a hospital setting.

What’s the plan?

Dominican Hospital’s Healing Courtyards Initiative envisions three phases where six courtyards are transformed to reduce stress and promote healing in patients, staff, and visitors. Phase I of the project includes the Central Surgery Lounge, Courtyard and Terrace and the Rehabilitation Garden. Click HERE to see the complete Master Plan for the Healing Courtyards.

Central Surgery Lounge, Central Surgery Courtyard and Balcony 

Used by over 50,000 people each year, the Central Surgery Lounge is the main waiting area for acute surgeries. Designed with the input of surgeons and nurses, the plan doubles the size of the waiting area and adds a room for surgeons to privately consult with families and friends of patients. The remodel impacts the adjoining courtyard. The Central Surgery Courtyard will be redesigned with water features and private respite areas to reduce stress for visitors as well as patients undergoing and recovering from surgery. The addition allows for an upstairs balcony expansion, significantly increasing the only outside space available to patients on the second floor.

Rehabilitation Garden 

The Rehabilitation garden is designed by physical, occupational, and speech therapists for patients with neurological conditions in our Acute Rehabilitation Unit (ARU). These are primarily patients with strokes, brain or spinal surgery, or head trauma. The Rehabilitation Garden area provides a serious, outside therapy training area with features intentionally designed to help patients improve in a real life environment. Such features include a putting green for balance, outdoor games for manual dexterity and memory function, garden signage for language skills, and various pathways, pavement surfaces, and stair configurations for patients navigating with walkers, wheelchairs, and canes. By utilizing the outdoor Rehabilitation Garden space, therapists can increases patient progress and return them home quicker.

Naming Opportunities for Donors

Multiple features in each courtyard are available for naming and recognition ranging from $1,000-$500,000 and can be paid over multiple years. To find out more about the plans for the courtyards and how your gift may support their timely completion, please contact VP of Philanthropy, Beverly Grova at (831) 462-7712. Click HERE for Recognition Opportunities.