Gifts of Stock

Giving stock can help combine your charitable giving goals with effective estate and financial planning. By giving appreciated stock to the Dominican Hospital Foundation, you can potentially avoid capital gain taxes that would be due as a result of its sale. This way, you can turn stock market gains into an investment to care for those in our community.

Gifts of appreciated securities are best transferred directly to the Foundation’s brokerage account electronically. Please click here for an instruction document. You may do this by instructing the custodian of your securities (your stock broker or financial institution) to transfer the number of shares of the stock you specify to the following account:

The Northern Trust Company
Participant No.: 2669
Agent Bank ID: 20290
Reference: Account # 44-93778
DH Dominican Hospital Foundation, Plan ID: 544

Account #011-000-028
Dominican Hospital Foundation
1555 Soquel Drive
Santa Cruz, CA 95065

Please provide information of the intention of your gift to the Foundation directly so that we can ensure your gift is received and properly credited for. Gifts of stock are tax-deductible charitable donations and will be receipted by letter. 

If you have questions, please reach out to the Foundation office at 831.462.7712 or