Dominican Hospital is proudly celebrating its 80th year of extraordinary service to the people of Santa Cruz County. 

The hospital first opened its doors on September 14, 1941, when five pioneering Adrian Dominican Sisters traveled from Michigan to Santa Cruz with a mission to bring health and healing to the growing community.
Health care has changed enormously in recent years. Lives that once would have been lost can now be saved. Hospital patient stays that would have been lengthy are now brief. Procedures that could only be dreamed of are performed routinely. All these medical advances are possible today, but only if the local hospital has the right facilities, equipment, programs, and people.


Since Dominican Hospital’s founding, it has always strived to become the leading health care provider for Santa Cruz County. Our 80th anniversary is more than a recognition of an organization that has grown and changed — it is a celebration of our commitment to responding to the specific needs of our community. Over the past 80 years, we have never backed away from our community needs. Dominican Hospital is committed to doing whatever it takes to provide the best in health care — working in partnership with those we serve, as we always have.

Stepping Stones to the Future

Guided by the community’s health care needs, Dominican Hospital is undertaking four significant initiatives. Each will enhance the essential components of the care we provide. These vital investments represent our next steps forward in a never-ending journey toward unsurpassed quality. Please click here to view the case statement.

Each project offers a distinct but connected “stepping stone” forward.

Divide Line

Divide Line