Donors Step Forward to Help Create Healing Courtyards

To date, $4 million has been raised from the community for the project, which represents 90 percent of the goal. We want to acknowledge and honor the exceptional community leaders listed below that made lead gifts to the Initiative. Hundreds of other community members and hospital employees have also contributed.

Thanks to all of you this vision is soon to become a reality.

Gifts of $250,000-500,000

Monterey Peninsula Foundation

In Memory of Dr. Joseph T. Anzalone

Maureen Benito, in memory of Norman Benito

Pam Santacroce, in memory of Nello Santacroce

Gifts of $100,000+

Louis Bartfield, in memory of Isabel Wallace Bartfield

Michael and Denine Butcher

The Krassow Family

Miles and Rosanne Reiter

Stanford Children's Health

James Thompson

Gifts of $50,000+

Dominican Hospital Employees

Dominican Hospital Foundation Board

The Monte Family 

Gifts of $15,000+

Joe and Ingrid Burton

Driscoll's Berries - CF Santa Cruz Co.

Deborah Hansen & Michael Stekoll

Michael & Dominique Hollister

Caroline Kuspa

Bill and Karen Moncovich

Plantronics, Inc.

Gifts of $5,000+

Dr. Nicholas Abidi

Mary and Harry Blanchard

Diane and Douglas Deaver

The Fruitt Family

Dr. Ciara Harraher

Dr. Bill Hess

Dr. Christian and Jenny Heywood

Carolyn Hyatt

Dr. Magdy Ismail

Dr. Julie Jaffe

Dr. Karl Johsens

Dr. Dean and Frances Kashino

Dr. Gordon and Judy Lee

Dr. Louis and Rosa Lee

Carol and Matt Lezin

Dr. Patricia Kubo Lezin

Dr. Keith and Della McKenzie

Dr. Edward E. McNamara, in memory of Loida McNamara

Dr. Roy and Evangelina Martinez

Carolyn and P.J. Mecozzi 

Medical Staff

Dr. Nanette Mickiewicz & Dr. Michael Ellison

Ken and Velma Morena

Tim and Judy Morgan

Kevin and Mary Murphy

Dr. Steven and Cynthia Plumb

Dr. Randall Rea and Kathleen Loughlin

Pat and Rowland Rebele

Dr. Rajinder and Naveep Singh

Dr. Freddie and Ady Weinstein

Dr. Greg Whitley and Dr. Wendy Sickels

Jill and Dick Wilson

Nancy S. Woolf