Get to Know Us!

We appreciate the collaboration with our Employee Giving Champions at the Dominican Hospital Foundation. Together, we make a significant impact on every department and program that receives funding. We are dedicated to supporting Dominican Hospital's key initiatives for the health of our patients and the community.

List of 2024 Employee Giving Champions:

  • Hari Bartlett
  • Jennifer Beckstead
  • Cheryl Bezucha
  • Valerie Bodge
  • Patty Bravo
  • Renee Comee
  • Sonya Drottar
  • Sarah Ghigliazza
  • Tammy Green
  • Ronda Hatcher
  • Jillian Holmberg
  • Rachel Howley
  • Marty Kirch
  • Andrea Martin
  • Lacey Martinico
  • Kyle Middleton
  • Erin O'Connor Thygeson
  • Sister Adrienne Piennette
  • Terri Primavera
  • Meg Reamy
  • Sally Redemann-Knowles
  • Beth Robertson
  • Barbara Rodgers
  • Barbara Rodrigues
  • Lily Rogers
  • Mike Simpson
  • Richard Truss
  • Maria Zaragoza




Click on the image below of each champion to learn more about why they give back to Dominican Hospital.


Sister Adrienne Testimonial