About the Physicians Pteron Society

The Pteron Society is a special physicians’ association which demonstrates philanthropic leadership and acknowledges the altruism, and dedication as healing heroes.

Dr. Nicholas Abidi*

Dr. Michael Alexander*

Dr. Christen Allaman

Dr. Carlos Arcangeli

Dr. Kenneth Averill

Dr. Ted A. Bailey

Dr. Anthony Calciano

Dr. Andrew Calciano

Dr. Robert Chen

Dr. Steven Cortes

Dr. Thomas Deetz

Dr. Michael Ellison*

Dr. Hannah Farquharson

Dr. John Glina

Dr. Ciara Harraher*

Dr. Carlene Hawksley*

Dr. Bill Hess*

Dr. Rex Hsei*

Dr. Christian Heywood*

Dr. Magdy Ismail*

Dr. Anne-Marie Jackson*

Dr. Julie Jaffe*

Dr. Dena Janigan*

Dr. Jennie Jet

Dr. Jay Johnson

Dr. Karl Johsens*

Dr. Dean Kashino*

Dr. John Kaufmann

Dr. Robert Keet

Dr. Patty Kubo Lezin

Dr. Gordon Lee*

Dr. Louis Lee*

Dr. Laura Likar

Dr. Steven Magee

Dr. Roy Martinez*

Dr. Keith McKenzie*

Dr. Edward McNamara*

Dr. Nanette Mickiewicz*

Dr. Bill Morris*

Dr. Dawn Motyka

Dr. Solmaz Nabipour

Dr. Randall Nacamuli

Dr. Elizabeth Newsom

Dr. Steven Plumb*

Dr. Robert Poirier

Dr. Paula Quinn

Dr. Robert Quinn

Dr. Randall Rea*

Dr. Kenneth Reed

Dr. Francisco Rhein

Dr. Jessica Santillano*

Dr. Roland Sharp

Dr. Rajinder Singh*

Dr. James Spiegel

Dr. Christopher Summa

Dr. Freddie Weinstein*

Dr. Gregory Whitley*   


*Physicians who have pledged $5,000 in support of the new Central Surgery Lounge as matching gifts of the Physicians Campaign Challenge, part of the Healing Courtyards Initiative.

Benefits for Members of the Physicians Pteron Society

  • Member and guest will be invited by Dr. Nanette Mickiewicz and Foundation President, Ted Burke, owner of Shadowbrook Restaurant to two exclusive Pteron Society Events held in the Spring and Fall
  • Members' Recognition name will appear on a glass donor wall within the Hospital
  • Member and guest will be invited to the Annual Donor Appreciation Event

Pteron Society members pledge an annual gift of $1,200 or more to the Dominican Hospital Foundation with an option to give $100/month through an automatic deduction. Donations may be designated to an area of the hospital of choice or to this year's focus, Healing Courtyards Central Surgery Lounge. 

Become a Member

To become a Physician Pteron Society member, simply click here to make your online donation. In addition to helping students, patients and their families, your name will be on our new Donor Recognition Wall in the hospital.

Please call the Foundation office if you have any questions at (831) 462-7712.