Hear from our Employees

I Give Because:

“…Giving feels good, it is a form of healing.”
- Beth Watkins, Transformational Care

“…I believe in and experience the healing and restorative power of nature daily, and want to share that with others."
- Jessica Dixon, General Accounting

“…Of all of my hardworking and dedicated coworkers. I want them to have the resources they need to support them in their hard work of improving our community every day."
- Laura Chiavola-Larson, Physical Therapy

“…I want to support programs that help my patients because I believe what we do makes a difference.”
- Karen Ashforth, Occupational Therapy

“…I love my job and I love our patients.”
- Allison Brookes, Katz Cancer Resource Center

“…As a Dominican Hospital Foundation supporter for over 30 years, I know that my gifts contribute to improved quality and delivery of care, for my family and the entire community.”
- Lee Vanderpool, Information Technology

“…I want to support babies in our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.”
- Trudy Carlson, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

“…I believe in providing excellent care to everyone – regardless of financial status.”
- Emily Rakow, Hand Rehab Center

“…I appreciate being part of a generous organization that focuses on the needs of our community.”
- Carol Brooks, Home Health

“…I am proud to be an employee of Dominican for 27 years and very happy to help in some small way.”
- Cammy Younsmans Goldmann, Patient Accounting

“…I believe in the importance of our work and appreciate the foundation for their support in helping us get new equipment and patient scholarships.”
- Jennifer Spurlock, Lifestyle Management

“…It is important to give every member of our community the best care we can offer.”
- Alison Olsen, Administration

“…Dominican Hospital serves my community.”
- Wendelyn Neu, General Accounting

“…I want to support Dominican’s outreach to the people who most need it.”
- Suzanne Semmes, Chaplaincy

“…I wish to support the mission of the hospital to serve health and wellness of the community.”
- Daniel Olivieri, Chaplaincy

“…The Foundation is essential to Dominican Hospital operations.”
- John Peck, Laboratory

“…Giving is better than receiving.”
- Joyce Baldwin, Health Information Management

“…I am honoring all the Dominican sisters.”
- Alice Iwagaki-Tanimoto, Occupational Therapy

“…By helping Dominican, I am also helping the community.”
- Priscilla King, Laboratory

“…Dominican Hospital has been generous to me.”
- Susan Menard, Home Health