Women of Wellness (WoW) Council

The Women of Wellness Council was formed to provide education, input, and financial resources for new and existing women's health services at Dominican Hospital.

Women of Wellness Council

Reflecting the history and mission of Dominican Hospital, WoW will emulate the history of the hospitals all female founders and leaders, by modeling the giving, compassion, friendship, and courage and perseverance demonstrated over the years. By working to improve existing, and adding new services aligned with the hospital's goals and directions, the organization's goal will be to support a comprehensive Women's Health offering at the hospital, serving the needs of women in Santa Cruz County. 

WoW is a giving society, requesting a minimum commitment of $1000 per year from its members. The council will meet two to three times annually to learn more about Dominican Hospital's current women's health services, identify and understand the need for new or improved programs, equipment, facilities, and foster relationships. In addition to education and socialization, the membership will vote on funding essential technologies or needed programs and services. 

For more information or to request a hospital tour, please email Alexandra.VanZanen@DignityHealth.org or call the Foundation at 831.462.7712. If you are interested in joining as a member of WoW, the pledge form may be downloaded here to be submitted to the Foundation office. 

Women of Wellness (WoW) Council Members 

Allison Niday, Chair
Toby Alexander, Vice-Chair

Renee Aispuro Gonzalez
Jane Alexander
Kalena Allard
Dr. Sheri Anselmi PHD                                                          Maureen Benito
Carol F. Berman
Vania Bernatsky NP
Janet Berry
Bridget Binko
Suzie Bogaard
Laura K. Bogaard
Sandra Brackle
Dr. Beth A. Burroughs Abidi M.D.                                              Dr. Linda Calciano PHD                                            
Marilyn Calciano
Gail L. Carhart-Scofield
Ginny Clark
Cathy Conway
Sonya Drottar
Robbie Dunton
Sandra Eldridge                                                                      Jeanette Engle-Ramirez                        
Michele Fahrner
Kathleen M. Finnigan                                                              Joel-Ann Foote                                                
Norma Gintert
Karen Gosling
Beverly Grova
Tiffany Hammer
Bette Harken
Dr. Ciara D. Harraher M.D.
Dr. Stefanie Hatfield M.D.
Dr. Carlene A. Hawksley
Dominique Hollister
Carolyn Hyatt
Dr. Anne-Marie Jackson M.D.
Dr. Julie Jaffe M.D.
Judy A. Johnson                                                                      Dr. Jennifer Kelly M.D.                                                              Kimberly Kieft                                                                        Mary Anne Kramer-Urner                                                          Dr. Patricia Kubo Lezin M.D.

Dr. Alexis G. Lane FACS
Monie Lazalde
Carol Lezin
Anne Lindberg
Mary Rose Mackenzie
Susan MacMillan
Chris Maffia                                                                          Julie Mazurek                                                                       
Debbie McCarroll
Martha McCoy
Dr. Amy D. McMullen M.D.
Dr. Nanette Mickiewicz M.D.
Julie Miller
Rochelle Nations
Anissa Novak
Martina S. O'Sullivan
Earleen L. Overend
Betty Patten
Julie L. Peterson
Sally E. Redemann-Knowles
Linda Roberts
Barbara Rodrigues                                                                  Rachel Ruby                                                             
Mary E. Russell
Julie Scurfield                                                                        Dr. Jacqueline Sedgwick M.D.                                            Shannon Seigle
Cynthia D. Sekkel
Margie Sisk
Allison P. Smith
Ginny Solari Mazry
Angela Terra
Dr. Sienna V. Titen M.D.
Rachel Wedeen
Sue Wilson
Jill G. Wilson Esq.
Nancy Woolf                                                                          Marian Zeidler           

(As of 2/1/2021)